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The Actual Distinction of skill and specialisation.

Commercial Leasing

Profitable developments are built on strong foundations, close industry relations, and respected reputations. Marked Property’s attitude to leasing is shaped by a holistic approach that takes into consideration the purpose and objective of each project. Ensuring that from the first blueprint to the final tenancy mix, every decision reflects both the market’s and the tenant’s needs, to result in quicker uptake, efficient campaigns, and a higher calibre of tenants.
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Development Consultancy

Where experience turns into expertise — with extensive know-how across acquisition, development, leasing, and management, we take an outsider’s perspective to each project’s maximum potential. By identifying the highest and most sustainable use for a site, we’re able to curate and appoint an optimal group of consultants to then deliver a succinct strategy that aligns with the property’s attributes and the client’s specifications.

Leasing Strategy and Budget

Many factors play into the probability of a project’s success — and it starts by understanding not just the right tenant for the right location, but by identifying the intricacies that see them there for longer. As part of the leasing strategy, we collate an optimal tenancy mix keeping in mind the merits of each retailer, their specific requirements, and how it will impact the customer draw. Complemented by the financial component made up of indicative rental and occupancy costs, incentives, and deal structure, it’s a big picture approach paired with astute attention to the smallest details that makes all the difference for each project.

The Actual First Step is Following up

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Melbourne city

shaping landscapes,
Actualising visions.

shaping landscapes, Actualising visions.

Large Format Retail

With the depth of product range typically found in Large Format Retailing, this asset class has emerged as one of the fastest-growing retail sectors. Enticing attributes such as high-profile builds, accessibility, and parking, make this a sector that’s especially attractive to customers. Thanks to the convenience of catering to daily errands, Large Format Retail serves a broad customer profile, seven days a week – coming a long way since bulky goods purchases were reserved for weekends.

Drawing national household retailer names on long leases and usually taking on a homemaker nature, a holistic tenant mix is important to create a high level of competition amongst retailers by providing the opportunity for customers to compare their options.

Marked Property has extensive experience across both greenfield and brownfield projects executed to the highest standard. Our difference? Adopting tenancy mix strategies traditionally used in shopping centres, then applying it to Large Format Retail developments. We provide a full suite of services to cater to all stages of these projects and are a longstanding member of the Large Format Retail Association (LFRA).

Project Feature

Craigieburn Junction ​

A project actualised through strategic consideration; this homemaker centre in Melbourne’s booming northern growth corridor has been set up for commercial success. Our involvement in the project included acquiring the site and performing due diligence, ensuring development feasibility, consulting on the design, and implementing the leasing strategy and budget — then facilitating the marketing across all touchpoints including branding, leasing, and managing the asset.  

Potential marked by recognition — the development was a finalist in the 2021 Property Council Innovation and Excellence Awards for best shopping centre development and best sustainable development (new buildings).

Mixed-Use Developments

An asset class that combines the best of both worlds, namely retail making up the lower levels and either hotel, apartments, or office towers above — Mixed-Use Developments require a highly collaborative approach; which is exactly what Marked Property prides itself on. Considering the objectives of clients, consumer trends, and the area’s specific demographics, then consulting our broad tenant database, we deliver strategic service for both established and off-the-plan opportunities.

Neighbourhood Activity Centres

Playing a pivotal role for the subregional catchments, neighbourhood activity centres service the community with direct access to everyday conveniences, speciality retail, lifestyle amenity, and employment. It’s by actually understanding the local landscape and consumer mindset that helps us secure the right location and create a strong tenancy mix.

Fuel Retail / QSR

Consistently growing their national footprint, the fuel retail and quick service restaurant field is actively expanding network plans. This resilience is driving new developments and increased demand from investors who are seeking the stability that comes with quality tenants on long term lease profiles. Marked Property is highly experienced in investigating new sites, seeking strong performing tenants, and turning potential into actual value.


A highly attractive sector due to its supported and subsidised nature by both state and federal government funding, the childcare and early learning asset class provides great potential for continuous growth. Marked Property has extensive experience in working across all entailing facets — we know the processes, the people, and how to actualise opportunity. We work closely with childcare operators and developers to create centres that meet the specific requirements of each operator to maximise rental returns.

The Actual First Step is Following up


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Potential Value Is
maked by size, shape and
Location - Actual value is maked by Action.

Potential value is marked by size, shape and location — actual value is marked by action.

We value add in commercial leasing, management, developments, and consultancy. From the initial vision to the realised outcome, we use our expertise to tailor retail strategy around you and your ambitions to uncover every possible opportunity for outstanding.

Delivering coordinated strategies that realise potential, we use acute analysis, meaningful data and a rich network of partnerships and affiliations to deliver projects which purposefully fulfil the needs of the surrounding community.

With a big picture perspective, every asset is carefully considered, every opportunity meticulously anticipated. From multinational corporations to first-time operators, our suite of services ensures your development reaches its fullest potential in every form.  

Although Marked Property is new, its legacy has actually preceded the name for 24 years.  

David Mark
Director of Commercial Potential

The Actual First Step is Following up

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The Actual First Step is Following up

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